Applelatino is a family business created with the love and with the collaboration of the entire members of the family. Why the name of applelatino?  The name came from a combination of a Canadian apple lover and a Latino guy who came from the Caribbean to Canada. Do you know that many people around the world never had the opportunity to taste an apple? My first apple taste was when I was an adult. Just because in my country eat an apple is to reach people.

Why should I buy products from this Website? We have created a unique website for apple lovers. All product is related to the apple fruit. In here you will find amazing thing related to apple fruit, and also you will become part of a community who share ideas. 

I really believe in the good customer service and be honest with anyone. If you need any help or question, I will be happy to answer your question or your complaint. 

Please contact me through my website or by email. I will be happy to assist you.