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Hi! Do you want to know more About Applelatino ? I’m happy to see you around this website that I have create with the dream to create a site all related to apples. I love apples, and if you are here is because we have something in common, “The love for apples”. If you have few minutes I will tell you my story about this website.


The Story about me and apples

I am coming from a county of the Caribbean where apple are not a fruit that will grow that easy, on top of that the county doesn’t import the product that easy, and when you can see it in store, it will cost a lot to buy only one. So, I came to Canada 10 years ago and since then, ta-tan!! apples everywhere. Even you can see apple trees on the road with apples, amazing. Just like bananas in the Caribbean. Then, all you can make with apples is a big list. There is on this county a cult for apples. I realize that in North America the love for apple is huge. So I decided to create a site related to apples and hope no be confused by the giant corporations Apple Inc. But may be AppleLatino Inc.

The niche of our website

On our store you will find the latest trending Products related to apples at incredible prices, and amazing designs .We work with a variation of suppliers and inventors to bring you interesting products, information, and tools. If you have any questions make sure and drop us an email over the Contact Us page or feel free to check out the FAQ. We hope we bring a smile to your face today!

To be honest, most of the products will come from many countries. The estimated shipping can go up to 3 weeks for some products at the moment, but we are looking to improve this for you, and appreciate your patience. and loyalty.

AppleLatino is fully committed to bring you a store that keeps you wanting to come back to see the new things I have sourced for you. I want to become an online store that delivers quality products, based on customer focus and sourcing the best of everything we bring to you. Your friends and family will be happy with your purchase the first time, every time.

My commitment with you

We are here for you if you need anything sorted. Our work and hours of research goes into our goal for you to receive your package in perfect condition and are so happy about buying from us. Rest be assured though if for some reason you have an issue please get in touch with us and we will sort it for you. IF this does happen, we thank you for bringing it to our attention we will replace, or refund.

AppleLation CEO